Feel nature,
Enjoy on the water.



SPC is a membership club that enjoys outrigger canoeing. Outrigger canoes are traditional boats from Hawaii and Polynesia. It is characterized by having a buoyant body (ama) parallel to the canoe. Ancient people are said to have used these canoes to cross the Polynesian islands. Today, it is popular as a sport all over the world, regardless of age or gender. Every weekend, SPC enjoys rowing a 6-person outrigger canoe (OC6) by the beach and in the sea near Nagai, Yokosuka City. The club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.


Weekend training

We will row for about 2 hours with an OC6 (6-seater outrigger canoe) with a break in between.


Participate in JOCA (Japan Outrigger Canoe Association) sponsored races, club sponsored races, and overseas races.

Long distance cruising

Paddling a distance of 30 km or more with OC6. We will follow you on a power boat and aim for Oshima.

Hands-on events/paddle clinics

We will hold an outrigger canoe experience event sponsored by our club and JOCA. Invite a coach to do a paddle clinic for members.

Beach clean activity

Participate in clean-up activities organized by various groups on the beaches we usually visit.


Maintenance and conservation of canoes and facilities.


Organization name SPC
Location Nagai, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Activities started January 2017
Available canoe gear OC6×2 (Mirage, MirageⅡ) , SUP×2, OC1×2, longboard etc.
Association JOCA (Japan Outrigger Canoe Association)


2016 SPC (Sajima Paddling Connection) launched
2017 LeleMaria (Mirage II) arrived from Maui and started activities at Kasazima Marina in Sajima
2018 Joint activities with Yokosuka U.S. Army canoe club HOCCC
2019 Due to the closure of Kasashima Marina, moved from Sajima to Nagai, Yokosuka City, merged with HOCCC
2021 Arrival of Hachi (Japanese made Mirage)